Meaning of Life
Meaning of Life
Meaning of Life


What are we? Where are we? What should we do?
or Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Know yourself. Orient yourself. Then act accordingly. Share this experience with others, and repeat the process. These simple commands common to all forms of life will help you to define the meaning of your life.

So as a starting point, the meaning of life is to find meaning to your life, and if you don’t see any, create one. But beware, in case any new meaning can be ever created. “New ideas" will affect you and your social group in many ways. And this is without taking into consideration, that it is more probable to do wrong than right. So keep it local and simple as long as you feel fulfilled and learn if you don’t.

Even if, this answer is tautologic and wild. Or that, this website provides vanity answers to this question. What is meaningful to you, should be defined and understood by you. As we may be all, clueless about everything, despite our beautiful rationales. By acknowledging and questioning this uncertainty, you may find inevitable meaning among other things.


This is the Night Sky

All ecosystems are structured like Matryoshkas dolls. Each Doll is the content of another doll. The doll above will determine what you find below. And each doll is attached to a riddle that you may solve.

This structure could be told like a narrative inside a narrative (and so on). The knowledge of what's above or what's beneath will always give you understanding keys.

So now, check your skyline and ask yourself what is the function of the tallest thing you can see?