Meaning of Life
Meaning of Life
Meaning of Life


What are we? Where are we? What should we do?
or Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Know yourself, orient yourself, then act accordingly and share your experience with others and repeat the process. These simple commands are common to all forms of life from cells to complex social groups. The execution of these commands is the true meaning of life, and genuine societies should make it easy for you. But careful, we're surely wrong about everything, and by just acknowledge it, you should be led toward some inevitable improvement.


All ecosystems are structured like Matryoshkas dolls. Each Doll is the content of another doll. The doll above will determine what you find below. And each doll is attached to a riddle that you may not leave unsolved.

This structure could be told like a narrative inside a narrative (and so on). The knowledge of what's above or what's beneath will always give you understanding keys of "where" the roots of what you looking are, "who" should bear responsibilities, and "what" are the options your ecosystem give you and also "when" and "why" to act and maybe sometimes "how".

So now, check your skyline and ask yourself what is the function of the tallest thing you can see?