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Meaning of Life
Meaning of Life
Meaning of Life


What? Where? When? and How? Why? Who? These questions are the main and only tools to find the meaning of life.

First, try to Know yourself. Orient yourself. Then act accordingly. Share this experience with others, and repeat the process. These simple commands common to all forms of life will help you to define the meaning of your life.


So as a starting point, the meaning of life is to find meaning in your life, and if you don’t see any, create one. But beware, “New ideas" will affect you in many ways. And take into consideration, that these "new ideas" may do more wrong than right. So keep it short, local and simple as long as you feel fulfilled and learn if you don’t.


Yes, this answer is tautologic. What is meaningful to you, should be defined and understood by you. We may all be clueless about everything. But, by questioning everything, you will find inevitable meaning among other things. Because the meaning of life is our inner need to orient ourselves to do the "right thing". As long as this matters to us.



# Artificial ecosystem 
Virtual Worlds

As game engines have been introduced to the public domain. Interactive applications where alternate novel gameplay, theories and ideas can exist in safe playable spaces. 

These virtual laboratories could test the limits of theoretical concepts and probably transform them into nothingness or make them robust constructs. 

Though ambitious, this simple idea could turn abstract thinking into metaphysical tools. Letting us know the qualities of thoughts, or it may reveal the illusory nature of the idea itself. 

Being a Seer

# Artificial ecosystem
Designing with A.I.

Before Dally 2
and stable
And before
it became
from reality.

Designing with A.I.

# Physic ecosystem
This is Men Made

Watch Now


To the surprise of all, Amazon may have been a man-made ecosystem. Pieces of evidence pile up toward this idea. But this idea stays alien to us. We know that commercial civilisation builds cities and trade roads, but what is the metaphysic of a civilisation that builds forests?

Imagine a world where the leaves of trees are eatable. And the food forest ecosystems are self-managed. Martin Crowford Filmed by Commonfactory rediscovers these techniques for temperate ecosystems in Devon.


One of the solutions for a food-sustainable future.

This is the night sky

# Physic ecosystem
This is the Night Sky

All ecosystems are like Matryoshkas dolls. Each Doll is the content of another doll. The doll above will determine what you find below. And each doll is a riddle that you may solve.


From the East to the West, cultures tell this story as a box inside a box. Where the above will always drive the beneath. This simple understanding is useful to orient yourself. By knowing the sky you will know what time is it, without the need for a watch. And You will know where you at without needing a map.


So now, check your skyline and ask yourself what is the function of the tallest thing you can see. And what is your position about it, if you don't know, enquire about it. Note that all the cultures before us was fearing the sky like mad, and there are good reasons for it. The solar system may not be as stable as we currently believe. If everything goes well you should learn only humility.


Download this model on my Commonfactory Sketchfab page at


# Metaphysic ecosystem
The sky from the centre of the earth

This conceptual model is based base on the antique celestial sphere, where the stars are projected on geometry. Those tools were used in navigation and other applications. In this model, the world is transparent and accurately inverted. You can use it to train yourself to the patterns of the stars and their relation to the land.

By comparing the night map and the sky, You can see that some cities align on the trajectory of major stars. As men were using the stars to guide their logistics from antiquity to modern times. This technic played a major role in navigation, but also in civilization developments. Stars' trajectories were guidelines for conquest, land management, and trade roads. By knowing what the star is pointing at, you will always find your way.

Those old astrological projections were better than any maps. Because they were encoding the story of the land in the sky. Like in the Mercator map of the starry heavens.


Astral and geographic data

The sky from the centre of the earth
Map of meaning

# Metaphysic ecosystem
Map of Meaning or the Cubic Matrice of Languages 

The Five 5W and 1H (when, what, where, how, why, who) are Six questions essential in information synthesis. Their meaning is the base of all spoken and written languages. The primary function is to enquire about meanings.

By mapping them in a 3D space, we can discover the cubic structure of Western languages. Think of dice or a Rubik’s cube, as it is the same. This gives us 6 commutable axes (the Five 5W and 1H) . 26 axes encoding 26 possible Alphabet letters. 54 cluster surfaces encoding 54 possible phonemes and 3 genders (pink=-1, cyan=+1, white=0).

This is forming also a tesseract with N dimension (in this example 3 to the power of 6 +1. This gives us 730 conceptual roots common to all Western languages. 

Commonfactory Data sources

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